In my experience, Birkman has developed the most reliable and practical assessment tool available to applied behavioral science today. The Birkman Method® has helped me to separate the behaviors that are based on constructs that won't change and those that will. In fact, I will not take a coaching assignment if l cannot use Birkman in the process.

Robert T. DeFilippis
Author of You, Yourself and the 21st Century: Coaching Yourself and Others in Postmodern

Human Synergistics

The Next Level uses professional development tools like the Birkman Method & the Human Synergistics Assessments. Both are top quality products of companies delivering state of the art assessments on individual, team and organizational level and are being used in many international companies. The Next Level has the latest accreditations for both systems.

Birkman Method

The Birkman Method is a self assessment, independent feedback instrument that provides a person with a clear understanding of his/her interests, strong and weak points, needs and finally, his/her stress behavior.

The Organizational Culture Inventory (OCI)

The Human Synergistics OCI focuses on behavioral norms and expectations associated with the values held by the employees. Thus, the OCI taps the aspects of organizational culture that have the greatest impact on employee activities and the organization's function.

Team Building Tool (GSI)

The Group Style Inventory (GSI) measures patterns of behaviors that emerge when people work together. The Human Synergistics GSI provides teams with self-generated feedback on the "styles" they exhibit as their group members interact with each other. The GSI is designed to facilitate team building.

The Human Synergistics Personal & 360 Assessment (LSI)

The LSI's objective is to assist individuals in identifying and understanding their thinking styles and self-concept. This to initiate positive and productive changes on how they think about themselves and others.

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