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IE Business School

It is a privilege to be an associate professor with IE Business School in Madrid, Spain. Teaching executives from around the globe that have committed themselves to an MBA gives us a continuous update on what goes on in today's marketplace. And provides an insight on what might happen tomorrow.

About us

The consultants, trainers & coaches that work for the Next Level do not only preach the concepts of 'winning, passion and ownership', but display it in their daily work as well. They help you to bring out the best of your people.

Founder Erik W. Hiep, MBA Founder
Erik W. Hiep,

Erik has extensive consulting experience with international management teams and boards. He has worked on a wide variety of assignments in more than 25 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia & the Americas. Erik is also an associate professor at the well known IE Business School in Madrid and co-founder of Atazar; a venture that develops strategic business simulations.

Clients see Erik as a strategic, creative & result oriented change agent. He is specialized in the field of people & team development and change management. He knows what it takes to manage a company P&L, to start businesses, to run a salesforce and to become successful in the international business arena. Erik displays a high level of energy, optimism, he knows how to motivate individuals, teams and organizations.


  • MBA, University of Glasgow; Great Britain
  • Faculty of Social Sciences and Psychology,
    Royal Military Academy; The Netherlands

Company Experience

  • Managing Director, The Next Level, The Netherlands
  • Co-founder Atazar, The Netherlands
  • Associate Professor, IE Business School, Spain
  • Director, Randstad España, Spain
  • Business Unit Director, Randstad, The Netherlands
  • Project Manager, 1996 Olympic Games, USA
  • Infantry Officer, Royal Netherlands Army (RNLA)

Liesbeth Pruijs, MBA Senior Consultant
Drs. Liesbeth Pruijs,

Liesbeth is a seasoned coach & consultant. Extensive experience in working with senior management and executives. Liesbeth is accredited to use all assessments & coaching instruments of both Human Synergistics and Birkman.

Liesbeth is passionate & result-driven. She motivates, inspires and gets maximum value out of individuals and teams. Liesbeth connects easily and is able to interact with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures. She has always felt comfortable in demanding and challenging environments where there is a strong need for vision, strategy and leadership.


  • New Board Program Nyenrode New Business School, The Netherlands
  • MBA, University of Bradford; England
  • Drs., Clinical & Remedial Sciences, University of Leiden, The Netherlands

Company Experience

  • Senior Consultant, The Next Level, The Netherlands
  • Managing Director, Richard Krajicek Foundation, The Netherlands
  • Executive VP Fundraising, Plan Nederland, The Netherlands
  • Director Management Training & Development, The Next Level, Spain
  • Managing Director , Opportunity in Bedrijf, The Netherlands
  • Area manager / Branch manager, Randstad, The Netherlands

‘The Next Level energized the management team, specifically on commercial attitude.’

Chief Executive Officer Ecofys,
Utrecht - The Netherlands

‘The Next Level completed training for us in various locations around the world. The result: renewed confidence, vigor and enthusiasm.’

Chairman Meyado Group,
London - Dubai - Singapore