What you focus on is what you get Founder Erik W. Hiep, MBA
Founder Erik W. Hiep, MBA

Erik has extensive consulting experience with international management teams and boards. He has worked on a wide variety of assignments in more than 25 countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia & the Americas. Erik is also an associate professor at the well known IE Business School in Madrid and co-founder of Atazar; a venture that develops strategic business simulations.


A great deal of both human and business potential is still unexploited and unlocked. Since 2002, The Next Level focuses exactly on unleashing that limitless potential.

Our goal is to improve management & leadership qualities and to turn organizations into high performing teams. The right level of self-confidence makes people strong, proactive and gives them ownership. In order to get there, your people need to have a passion for the business and feel proud to work for you and your company. We have never seen high performing organizations without these attributes.

Winning Culture
You know that you can't force people to trust you. Leaders like yourself are focused on achieving results, success and business wins. You do that by making non-stop decisions on people, strategies, clients and resources. But successful leaders also need to be visionaries, telling stories and convincing others. You can only influence others if you listen first. When employees see these qualities in their leader, they are much more likely to give confidence & respond in a positive way. Trust is more critical than it has ever been. Trust produces speed & results. And results inspire and fire up a winning culture.

‘Their strong point is the ability to think out of the box, to leave the beaten track and to associate with the client organization.’

Global SAP Delivery Manager Genpact,
The Netherlands - India

‘With a practical and creative approach The Next Level offered us a professional support in the development of our organizational culture.’

General Manager Ikea Ibérica,
Madrid - Spain